Holistic Physical Therapy

Holistic Physical Therapy

What is a Holistic Physical Therapist? This is not a technical term but is the best way  to describe the Front Porch Physical Therapy treatment style.

Physical Therapists (PT) are doctoral level, licensed musculoskeletal specialists.  PTs are licensed to diagnose and treat problems of muscles, nervous system, joints, spine and tissue and we are functional movement and fitness experts.

At Front Porch Physical Therapy,  time is devoted to look at the whole person to derive an accurate musculoskeletal diagnosis. We look at the whole person and not just a narrow focus on a body part. Pain in one area – for instance, in the arm or leg – may actually originate elsewhere. It is the therapist’s job to identify the cause of the problem in order to be effective in treatment and to listen for the diagnostic clues as the patient  will tell you what is wrong to guide and effective appropriate examination.

Helping you understand the cause of your problem,  learning to apply simple effective techniques to abolish or manage painful or other conditions is essential to your success with physical therapy.

Front Porch Therapists are highly skilled with advanced specialty certifications, clinically experienced and focused on helping you achieve your personal health goals.

How is Front Porch Physical Therapy different?

  • Each session is a one-on-one hour long session with a licensed therapist dedicated to your healing and well-being
  • Chiefly a solo practice, you will see the same therapist each visit
  • Treatment is focused entirely on patient goals and teaching you how to tap into your own self-healing abilities
  • Treatments are evidence based and tailored to the individual
  • Your therapist is  highly skilled with many years of clinical experience backing post graduate specialty certifications
  • Your clinic home is housed in a warm, inviting and a beautiful atmosphere

Conditions that are diagnosed and helped with physical therapy include:
• Back Neck Pain / Spinal Injury
• Swelling
• Strains, Sprains
• Joint Problems
• Work Injuries
• Sports/Orthopedic Injuries
• Arthritis / Osteoporosis / Fibromyalgia
• OB/GYN pain
• Weakness or pain from Cancer
• Cerebral Vascular Accident (Stroke)
• Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease
• Other Neurological Conditions
• Injury to limbs or amputations
• Cardiac and Pulmonary Diseases
• Balance / coordination problems
• Joint Replacements
• Fractures
•  Shoulder or upper extremity Injury or problem
• Functional Limitations related to mobility
• Undiagnosed Pain